Digital Revolution with Canon Digital Camera

There were times when cameras were considered to be a rich man's luxury but nowadays, clicking pictures with camera has become an important part of our daily events. With the constant improvement of technology, cameras have undergone a sea change and it was in the late 1970's when digital cameras saw the light of the day. The first digital camera was Sony Mavica, an analogue camera that used video floppy. However, since then, various brands launched digital cameras such as Nikon, Kodak Casio, JVC, Sony and Olympus to name a few. However, Canon Inc. Japanese MNC specialized in the manufacturing of computer printers, photo copiers and cameras.

Canon started its operation in the year 1934 with Kwanon camera. Ever since Canon started manufacturing its camera operation, it became a hugely successful company and a cynosure of camera lover across world. Presently, Canon digital camera is well known for its state of the art technology and advanced features that make it a well known brand name.

Some of the high end Canon digital camera includes Powershot series like Powershot G9, SX 100 IS, S5 IS and TX1. Canon digital camera EPH services include Powershot SD 950 IS, SD 890 IS, SD 790 IS, SD 870 IS, SD 770 IS, SD 1100 IS, SD 750, SD 850 IS, SD 800 IS and SD 1000. Canon digital camera's A series includes A 460, A 550, A 470, A 560, A 580, A 570 IS, A 630, A 710 IS, A 590 IS, A 720 IS and A 650 IS to name a few. Apart from Canon digital camera, Canon is famous for its Canon EOS camera system that comes with Single Lens Reflex (SLR) technology. However, for amateurs who love to shoot and capture moments of love and joy, the Canon digital camera Powershot series is the best digital camera that comes with DIGIC processor and state of the art design.

Some of the highly rated Canon digital camera include Canon Powershot SD 1100 IS that supports 8 mega pixels and 3X zoom. Some other quality features include image stabilization, auto focus features for perfect shot. It supports JPEG file format and has a 2.5" LCD display with 32 MB of internal memory as a part of Secure Digital Memory Storage feature. Canon Powershot SD950 IS comes with 12 mega pixel and 3.7 optical and 4X digital zoom feature.

It also supports movie and sound mode. Its basic features include image stabilization, auto focus, 2.5" LCD display, Secure Digital Memory of 32 MB. Canon Powershot A590 IS includes image resolution of 8 mega pixels and optical and digital zoom of 4X, face detection focus, movie mode and manual and auto exposure along with 32 MB memory and 2.5: LCD screen.

Canon Digital Rebel XTi / Canon 400D comes with 10.1 mega pixel, file format of RAW and JPEG, DIGIC II processor, 9 point CMOS auto focus, micro drive support and automatic vibration and dust reduction. Apart from it, there are numerous other Canon digital cameras that are famous for its quality image and resolution features.

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