Microsoft Excel Tutorial

The history of Microsoft Excel starts with Multiplan ( A Spreadsheet Program) released in 1982. In 1995 first version of Microsoft Excel was released in 1985 for MAC. Currently version 12 has been released for Windows and coming with Office 2007.In 1993, VBA - Visual Basic for application was integrated with Microsoft Excel. VBA is a programming language based on Visual Basic, now Microsoft Excel users was able to automate tasks and they can make user defined functions, you will learn this feature also in this excel tutorial.

With the help of Macro recording function Microsoft Excel was able to convert user's actions in Visual Basic. It was a unique feature in Microsoft Excel. Pivot Table is also a very useful tool available in Microsoft Excel, basically it is data mining tool, this tutorial will describe pivot table in detail. Pivot table helps in working on large data and user can dig out the data and can present the that is useful.Microsoft Excel is powerful, full featured tool of Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Excel is being used every where it may be video library or might be a multinational company. Every department need Microsoft Excel in some way to perform their day to day activities. To be more efficient and to save your precious time you need to have in depth knowledge of this powerful application named Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is not only a spreadsheet, it is programmable spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel provides wide range of powerful tools for data manipulation, analysis. It can display the data in large variety of formats. Microsoft Excel provides a powerful programming language that can control all aspect of it.

The programming feature of Microsoft Excel offers wide range of benefits like saving a lot of time, reducing errors, maintaining standards, high level of accuracy, integration with other applications.Below mentioned tutorial provides indepth basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.Pivot table is a very useful tool available in MS-Excel. This can be used to summarize data in tabular format.

It can be used to quickly create cross tab view. User can use the data stored in spreadsheet to create pivot table and perform mathematical functions like sum, count, average to summarize data and make it more presentable. Pivot Table also provides drag and drop functionality.A Macro is a recorded set of instructions.

When you start recording a macro it starts converting all the activities you perform on Microsoft Excel in Visual Basic and saves it in a module. After recording a macro you can run it as many times you want and it will do same actions as you have performed earlier.Macros are useful to avoid doing same work again and again like suppose you are getting a report in Microsoft Excel from any source and you do some formatting on it and send it to concern person. Instead of doing same formatting every day you can record a macro and when you will get the source report just run the recorded macro and the work is over.

Visual Basic for Application VBA is an integration of Visual Basic an event driven programming language with most of the Office applications. VBA is related with Visual Basic, uses its syntax and normally contains 80% functionality of Visual Basic that enhances the capabilities of Macros.VBA has great flexibility but it also has some limitations. In Microsoft Excel VBA can be used to edit macros and to automate routine works.

You can create forms, use loops but you can do all of this inside the excel environment.


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