How To Keep Your PC Secure And Spyware Virus Free

Not only does spyware cause annoying popups as you surf the internet, it can also cause computers to crash or reduce the performance. 1. Be very careful with email from unknown senders.

Especially with attachments, most times it is spam email (unwanted email) or a virus packaged in a funny movie or sound. So always be very careful with it. A virus scanner which also scans your incoming email is preferable.

2. Funny mail always tricky to open them; first make sure you scan it with your virus scanner. Also make sure the scanner is up to date, with the latest virus definitions. 3. Funny sites, with movies and sites are many times a source of spyware. Always be careful by clicking on things and downloading, because they also have to earn money, to pay the hosting of the files.

There is always some ads or spyware on it, with will be activated by downloading or clicking on it. Check the file format movies are most times: .wmv .avi .mov if you don't recognize don't open the files and search on the internet and read the description if there is any harm in it. 4.

When you download music always do it from a legal shop. Never download music from unknown sites. Try to recognize the file format, which should be .

mp3 .wma or another sound format, if you don't recognize it don't open the files and search on the internet and read the description if there is any harm in it. 5. Avoid using file sharing programs like kazaa, emule, bittorent programs. You never know what kind of file you actually download.

Also the programs share things on your pc, which give other internet users access to your pc. 6. Don't visit cracks, serials sites; most times you have to download active x plugins or other stuff before getting to the desired download.

This file mostly contains spyware on which they get there money from. Remember hosting files to download is never free and most times they have to earn money to pay. 7. Install a firewall on your pc, which will protect your pc from unwanted visitors. Also install a virus scanner and subscribe to the updates so that the virus definitions are always up to date to recognize the latest viruses.

If you have a broadband connection thinks about buying a router with a firewall in it. This gives an extra protection and is always on and protects your pc. 8. If you don't use your pc and it is connected via a broadband connection turn it off.

It save some electricity and it is safer. Hackers are always scanning for pc which is always on to see if they can hack it and maybe use for a spam email gateway, which means they install a program that send spam email from your pc. 9. Be aware of sites which need plugins or files you need to install before you can download or see a movie or listen to music. Always check if it is signed by a trusted big company. If you don't know the company, try searching it on google and read the result.

If it is spyware you get many results which say don't install it. 10. Last but not least always keep your operating system up to date. By downloading the latest updates from the manufacturer. Which will close the discovered security hole's in the operating system. Hope this will help you browse more safely on the internet without getting your pc stuck, slow or crashed.

corne schipper is working in the computer business and write articles about security. Check www.cleanpc.nl for more articles.

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