Increase Sales with Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Have you considered how much more effective your sales career could be if you had a mastery of PowerPoint? Whether you're in the business of selling products or services, a well constructed PowerPoint presentation is a serious tool for winning over prospects. It's a fact that people comprehend and retain more when they can see and hear the information. With just two days of Microsoft PowerPoint training, you can learn everything there is to know about creating presentations that will take your sales career to a new level. The Sales Power of PowerPoint: You may start your PowerPoint training expecting to learn a few tips and tricks but leave with a whole new method of driving sales.

With the skills learned in PowerPoint training, you can build a multi-dimensional sales pitch that can be duplicated and delivered an infinite number of times. PowerPoint presentations can be emailed to clients or integrated with your company's website for visitors to view. Static text is no match for a tactful presentation of images, sounds, and movement. Advanced PowerPoint Functionality: Most people don't realize how robust Microsoft PowerPoint is and how much of an impact it can have in conveying information. With PowerPoint training, anyone can create extremely professional visuals without expensive graphics or production software.

PowerPoint training teaches you how to time presentations so that they run automatically, use special effects, embed sounds, add interactive controls, and integrate Microsoft Word and Excel components. Ideas for Building Winning PowerPoint Sales Presentations: 1.) Embedded Video Files - As anyone in sales knows, the way to improve the odds of making the sale is to help the potential buyer imagine him or herself enjoying the product or service.

Try adding video of real people using your products and services into your presentation. With PowerPoint training, you'll learn how to integrate video files to add depth and professionalism to your presentation. 2.) Add a Narration Sound Track - Advanced PowerPoint training will teach you how to embed a sound file and time your slide presentation to automatically follow along. The reason PowerPoint is superior to textual material when it comes to sales presentations is that you can control the flow and order of the sales dialogue.

With pure text on a website or brochure, readers can flip around to different parts of the material, detracting from the emotional or logical buildup of ideas necessary to drive the sales process. 3.) Make it an Interactive Experience - You'll learn in PowerPoint training that presentations don't have to be linear. Try adding some interactive elements at the end of your timed presentation for prospects who receive your presentation by email. For example, if your presentation mentioned three different products, add clickable images and link them to slides with further information, pictures, and video demonstrations about the particular product.

Most people will agree that the vast majority of PowerPoint presentations made by the untrained user are far from exciting. However, everyone has the potential to turn a presentation from bland to captivating with just two days of professional PowerPoint training. Taking the initiative to learn and use new ways to engage potential customers is the best way to stand out from the competition and win the sale.

Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information on Powerpoint training London, visit http://www.MicrosoftTraining.net/.

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