What Do You Need In a Caller ID?
by Ray La Foy

Caller ID's are a part of the wonderful world of technology we live in today and with every passing day someone is coming up with newer and better ideas. It is an exciting part of our worlds and there is a lot to choose from on the market such as the up and coming VoIP. This will give people unlimited long distance without the huge bill that usually goes along with it. As with everything there are different plans to choose from with VoIP and you have to inform yourself as to which plan is best for you.

You need to sit down and figure out your needs before deciding on a plan. You will need to know what your needs are and what features you would like. Residential plans usually come within two forms which are basic packages that will give you a certain amount of minutes and unlimited time which will give you unlimited local and long distance calling. This is a great form of a Caller ID's but you need to check with the company you're thinking of dealing with to find out just what packages they offer. You can choose the package that meets your requirements.

Caller ID's are an excellent show of the technology that is on the market. It helps in so many ways. If you want to screen your calls, then this is a sure way of doing it. When the phone rings just look and see who is calling. Then you can choose whether you want to answer it or not. This can eliminate many prank calls or calls from people that are in the business of collecting for charities as most of us know what charities we are going to give to over the year. You can also get phones that will show a picture on your caller ID so you can see who is phoning. This is another wonderful feature of the phones that are on today's market. Yes, it is a wonderful world we live in.

You can have as many features as you want with your phone including a Caller ID, but you have to know what your needs are before you decide to get it. There is also the issue of getting a voice message feature that you make sure you give enough time for the caller to leave a message and not get cut off in the middle of a sentence. If you have a business, this is not good for customer service and it is really important that they are allowed enough time to explain why they called.

If you are choosing unified messages then this is slightly different. It can include such things as virtual office and virtual assistant. This is where a single phone number can do it all for you. It will automate all your phone needs and ensure that you receive the calls you want to receive and your caller ID will show you exactly who is calling. Gone are the days when you pick up a phone when it rings and instantly wish you had left it alone. Now caller ID can take care of that and let you be more selective of what calls you really want to receive.