Open Die C Chromium Copper

Custom forgings generated revenue of over $8 billion dollars in the United States, Canada and Mexico in 2006. The areas covered by the custom forging category include impression die forging (or closed die forging), open die forging and seamless rolled ring forgings. Open die forgings accounted for over $1.5 billion of the total in 2006 and represented a 24% increase over the previous year. Since there aren't any restrictive dies that contain the material being manipulated or need for mandrels to shape the material (as in rolled ring applications), the open die forging process offers the most flexibility of all the forging processes. Because of this, open die forging permits an extremely broad range of shapes and sizes that can be manufactured.

Advantages of Open Die Forging 1. The ability to produce extremely large parts that can't be processed in closed dies due to size limitations 2. Cost effective when quantities are lower because you don't have to invest in tooling required by the closed die process 3.

Greater flexibility to manipulate and maximize the mechanical properties because the material being processed is not restricted 4. Quicker deliveries because tooling does not have to be fabricated as in the closed die process The open die forging process offers the same general advantage of all forging processes. Products will have mechanical properties which exhibit higher strength over other metalworking processes. As a result, when safety and reliability are issues for your parts or processes, open die forged products should be considered.

Industries that rely on open die forged products include, but are not limited to: -Aerospace (including space exploration, commercial, industrial and private aircraft) -Copper Distribution -Electronics including Semiconductor Process Equipment -Government Laboratories and Universities especially for high energy physics applications -Material Processing for refractory metals and other rugged processing environments -Medical (MRI) -OEM's and Machine shops who process parts -Power Generation including Specialty Bearing and Motor Manufacturing applications Practically any material, whether ferrous, non-ferrous alloy or certain super-alloys, that can be forged, can be open die forged. In order to get the best possible performance for your material and its application, it is best to find a company that specializes in certain alloys and processes. For example, nonferrous alloys that are typically forged include, C10100 (OFE or Oxygen Free Electronic), C46400 (Naval Brass), C18200 (Chromium Copper), C70600 (Copper Nickel) and C18150 (Chromium Zirconium Copper).

Weldaloy Products Company specializes in open die forgings in specific nonferrous alloys. If you would like to learn more about copper forgings and alloys and nonferrous materials and how they may work in your industry or application, you can contact us at 1-888-WELDALOY or our C18200 Copper Forgings website to discuss your project. Our experienced staff can give you the information that you need to make the best possible decision about using our products.

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