The Magic Of Digital Photo Frames

Comparing the past and the present, one can say that technology has really gone very far. From agriculture to transportation to telecommunication to household, technology has improved almost all the things people use, people do and people create. At the heart of it all lies the already seemingly indispensable tool of today's generation - the computer.

People now live in an almost computerized and digital world. There are digital washing machines, digital alarm clocks, computerized tubs, digital calculators, digital sunglasses and digital cameras. In the past, people saw and practiced the printing and developing of pictures or photographs which required several processes. There was a need to use the photo film after which will be soaked into some chemicals and allow them to dry in a black room. This traditional printing was replaced by putting the films into a printing machine. This machine reads the films and prints them.

From hours of waiting, this has decreased to minutes. Again, it was replaced by digital camera where printing can be done right in your computer in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is transfer the photos into your computer and print them.

Technology didn't stop into improving the science of photography. Now here comes the revolutionary digital photo frame. What is a digital photo frame? A digital photo frame is a kind of picture frame that displays photos digitally without the need of a printer or computer. The good thing about it is that it can display photos in a TV set. There are many kinds of digital photo frames. Some can only show pictures in JPEG format but most digital photo frames display the pictures in a slide show.

The user may also adjust the time the pictures are shown through its adjustable time interval. Other digital photo frames support other multimedia content aside from the photographs alone. These special photo frames may show movie clips through the camera‚??s movie mode, MPEG files or even MP3 or MP4 audio files.

Another feature of some digital photo frames is that it can load pictures over the internet using different programs such as RSS and photo sharing. One may easily find sites from the net that offer such programs. Not only pictures are displayed in the digital photo frame, the owner may actually feed texts along with the pictures. This way the viewer may read the description of the photograph. All digital cameras have memory card but unlike digital cameras where you have to insert the card into some memory card reader or connect the camera into the computer before you can see it and print it, digital photo frames have internal memory slots that stores the pictures.

Some frames also have USB connection which makes it easier to transfer the photos. However, there are some digital photo frames with a small memory and cannot be stored with many photo files. This is not a problem because you can buy an external memory which can be attached to the digital photo frame. The digital photo frames come with a rechargeable battery. So the life of the digital photo frame won‚??t be a problem.

It also comes in different sizes. The pixels also vary depending on the size of the images shown. There is a 7 inch or 17.5 cm digital photo frame that shows images of 430 x 234 pixels. There are also smaller types but pictures can‚??t be stretched as much. A digital photo frame has three main parts.

These are the LCD panel, the PCB and the outer frame. There are two types of panel; analog and digital. The panel also comes in different sizes. The main software is found in the PCB which is the heart of the digital photo frame. The magic of the digital photo frame is indeed amazing. It's as simple as taking a photo, still or moving, switch your memory card to the frame and view them.

Now all your wonderful memories will be constantly shown or displayed anywhere you want it to be shown or to be displayed, anywhere in your home, be it on the living room, your wall, bedroom, study room or even in the kitchen with the help of the magical digital photo frame. Do not worry about the price. It's more affordable than printing hundreds of pictures and buying an ordinary photo frame for each. Imagine how many happy snaps you can put in it - that‚??s a lot! So be reminded of the magic your wedding brings, your graduation, your son's first birthday and even just the magic of a single smile.

It will surely brighten and fill your day with the magic it brings. Remember that a single picture paints a thousand faces so how much more with the digital photo frame. Share the magic to your loved ones. It‚??s a perfect present to your family, friends or to your boss. Treasure every memory you have, cherish every moment you get with the digital photo frame.

Susan is a regular contributing copywriter to Fuzing.com. This commentary is proudly brought to you in conjunction with trade leads from the Digital Photo Frames section of our portal.

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