VoIP for Business Great Advantages

VoIP, otherwise known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a brand new type of technology that allows users to use the Internet to make phone calls. Because of its unique features, VoIP enables people to make phone calls without the typical phone charges. This can be highly beneficial to companies and individuals alike. Let's take a closer look at Voip. One of the most appealing advantages of VoIP, over the traditional landline phone service, is that it provides lower costs. VoIP is able to do this since they are not regulated by the FCC and are not required to pay the taxes common to traditional phone companies.

VoIP passes these savings onto their customers. Most VoIP providers offer low cost unlimited monthly calling plans. A business can call long distance during peak hours and avoid the expenses associated with traditional phone service. There may be extra fees for international calls, but they are cheaper than the traditional phone company.

This will result in substantial savings on the phone bill over the course of a year. Extra services such as caller id and call forwarding are also often included at no additional charge. VoIP is portable and flexible. With VoIP, data and voice are integrated and do not require separate networks. Sometimes there is a lot of movement in companies resulting in a great deal of work and hassles.

With VoIP, if an employee moves, it can now be as easy and quick as simply plugging the IP phone into a different broadband network jack. Also, telecommuting becomes simple and viable. If you need to stay home for the day, you can still be a productive employee. There is also the advantage of having messages sent to email. Now the employee doesn't have to retrieve their messages from voice mail.

In fact, you can even get faxes with email. All your messages are now organized in one place. Mobility is another key advantage to VoIP. You can keep your area code from anywhere in the world. This eliminates international rates. You can be reached in Australia, using your Texas area code.

It will be as if you were making the phone call from your very own office. If you are going to be away for a while, you can see how the savings begin to add up. Virtual phone numbers keep your calls at home, even though you may not be there. Your phone system can go anywhere with you with a simple access to a broadband connection.

In addition, you can use your laptop to send and receive messages with a simple microphone and headphone connection. There are some problems with VoIP since it is still in its growing stages, but these are expected to be resolved in time. The benefits result in lower costs and increased productivity. These are what every business strives for. If this sounds like an attractive outcome for your business then climb aboard the VoIP bandwagon and allow your company to attain its business goals.

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